Usage Policy

Infoxchange Australia has developed the Infoxchange Service Seeker (ISS) to allow citizens to be able to access up to date, accurate information on health and welfare support services at any time of the day and night.

Our Fair Use Policy encourages agencies and organisations that use the ISS as part of their daily work routine to assist Infoxchange Australia to maintain the directory. As you would probably be aware the maintenance of a directory containing 358,137 records is very labour intensive. Currently Infoxchange Australia employs 15 people to gather and maintain the data. The use of the ISS by health and welfare workers has the potential to save the considerable time and energy often spent trying to locate an appropriate service.

In keeping with our statement that 'Informed people create change' we ask for your assistance with our work.

There are numerous ways you can do this. Examples include becoming actively involved in the data collection and maintenance work or paying a subscription fee if your agency is a heavy user. We would be happy to discuss the tailoring of the look and feel of the user interface so that it can be incorporated into your web site.

For more information e-mail [email protected]