About Us

The Infoxchange Service Seeker (ISS) is Australia's most extensive electronic health and welfare directory.

ISS provides 358,137 records of agencies and services that are efficiently returned through a number of intuitive search methods.

Infoxchange Australia established the first searchable electronic directory of community services in Australia in 1990 and has since developed and managed electronic health and welfare directories in every state and territory. The online directory and its technological support have been regularly upgraded to keep pace with development and to maintain security of data.

ACT 3,952 SA 14,968
NSW 120,181 TAS 6,555
NT 8,467 VIC 141,791
QLD 48,085 WA 14,138

The number and range of major service classifications is an outstanding feature of this extensive service directory.

FocusApproximate Number of Services
Family 30,000+
Youth 14,900+
Aged 13,050+
Ethnic 11,300+
Disability 18,200+
Housing 7,650+
Health 46,950+
Drug & Alcohol 3,300+
Education & Training 17,900+
Employment 4,650+
Financial 5,800+
Counselling 4,600+
Law 5,350+
Recreation 10,350+

  • Online
  • On CD-ROM for Victoria
  • Hardcopy directories for specific purposes and organisations
  • Customised directories developed through the addition of data of particular relevance to organisations in electronic or hardcopy format
  • Provision of data under licence
  • Data for service mapping
One of the key features of data presentation has been the rigorous updating schedules and quality control processes. Data is updated according to a detailed and carefully defined 'house' style and edited to ensure consistency. This process has been supported by the development of a style manual, updater training, performance monitoring and feedback.
ISS has therefore kept ahead in the provision of searchable data by maintaining
  • Consistency of data presentation
  • Data searchability
  • Currency of data
  • Scope of the directory
In addition to providing access to health and welfare information on its own website at www.infoxchange.net.au, Infoxchange provides data for over 80 national government and community websites and portals.
Infoxchange has also developed a number of related software programs that use ISS data in its Service to Service suite.
These include the following.
  • The Accommodation Seeker enables agencies with accommodation services to provide 'real time' updates to their emergency, medium to long-term, supported, aged, respite and transitional accommodation.
  • S2S eReferral was developed as a means of providing secure electronic referral and transmission of client information. It abides by privacy and health records legislation as well as referral protocols and processes between agencies.
  • The Vehicle Seeker is a community transport vehicle availability, request and booking system.
  • The Hardcopy Production Program enables the information contained in Infoxchange data systems to be extracted in a number of formats including hardcopy directories and mailing listings. Infoxchange produces a range of differently formatted directories for organisations including local government and community agencies.
  • The People Seeker enables agencies to manage their own personal contacts listing.
A key aspect of the Infoxchange agenda has been to use technology for social justice and this has been the foundation for encouraging organisations not to duplicate work that is being done by others and wherever possible to link together to use community and government resources more effectively.
That Infoxchange data systems are integrated into numerous community networks and websites is evidence of the flexibility and adaptability of Infoxchange data management. Data is readily exported into many required formats and many users not only recognise this, but also seek the benefit in added value to their own websites.